Beef Show Results

  • Festival Pen Exhibitors
    Festival Pen Exhibitors
  • Champion Jr Open: Jack Jungmann
    Champion Festival: Ashley Raes
  • Champion Jr Open: Jack Jungmann
    Champion Jr Open: Jack Jungmann

Beef Show Results

Thursday September 10 2015 PBF Beef Show results are:


Light Weight
1st - Leighton Huston *Reserve Champion
2nd - Sidney Stewart


Medium Weight
1st - Ashley Raes *Grand Champion
2nd - Randi Shimmin
3rd - Makayla Stewart


Heavy Weight
1st - Kaitlyn Kane *GC ROG
2nd - Kodiak Shimmin *RC ROG


Jr Open:
Light Weight
1st - Erica Harrell
2nd - Kodiak Shimmin
3rd - Randi Shimmin


Medium Weight
1st - Gavin Meyer
2nd - Deek Still
3rd - Joe Crum


Heavy Weight
1st - Jack Jungmann *Grand Champion
2nd - Ashley Raes *Reserve Champion
3rd - John Kane


Grand Champion Pen - Brooke Kane
Reserve Champion Pen - Leighton & Sully Huston *RC ROG
3rd Place Pen - Ryley & Carmyn Huston *GC ROG
4th Place Pen - Emma Parkins
5th Place Pen - John & Kaitlyn Kane
6th Place Pen - Kodiak & Randi Shimmin
7th Place Pen - Cassiday Tierney
8th Place Pen - Jackson & Addison Gillen


*GC: Champion Rate of Gain
*RC: Reserve Rate of Gain


Report & Photos by: Tina Huston

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