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PrimeBeefFestival.com (& MyPBF.com) is a valuable resource for both you and the Festival as well.

Cost wise we, like many of you, provide services ENTIRELY at our own expense, thus NO COST to the Festival at all. Like you that can become as mind numbingly astronomical as it is priceless ...

On the PRICELESS side...

We are here to provide support to Festival committee volunteers (who also provide mind numbingly astronomical hours of work at no cost) with both the ability to relay information to the intended community audience participating in our Festival in as timely way as we both can possibly do PLUS add advertising value to your business sponsorship in an additional virtual environment.  We are NOT HERE to COMPETE with other committee's seeking YOUR financial support.


  • Sponsors be sure to speak with Festival committees you support and during solicitation about what you might like us to do here in reward.
  • We encourage you validate your listing & to contact us (as ez as clicking the contact tab above) about adding a web link (POWERFUL FEATURE) back to YOUR PREFERRED web store*
    *adds search reputation vs competitors PLUS high reputation 7/24/365 listing with us.
  • Local businesses looking to support the community, contact us so we can match you with an applicable event.
  • Or simply recognize those major donor(s) online where 100% ends up funding the Warren County Prime Beef Festival just the same.



The very powerful feature to emblazon your business identity overlaid onto our PBF webcams is entirely of our own design. It involves our own customized firmware concoction requiring building an internal wireless infrastructure to facilitate, now at 2 simulations separate venues. Capabilities demanding professional grade hardware & solutions to safely transport data into the public space. From there hours of preparation on graphics finally merge into a product that returns value to the community while promoting those major benefactors (ie YOU) making it all possible. That is just one of many feature now nearing TWO decades in production and always evolving with technology & threats.




Appropriately for a Beef Festival: "You can't sell the cow if you give away the milk for FREE". Our virtual presence is intentionally limited. Webcams but NOT live media. A tease maybe. Pretty gives way to content that can me managed in real time from multiple points in extremely rural America. Twitter feeds but NEVER scoops (even if we know in advance). The goal here is to entice viewers to come out into the real world yet continue that connection when they return to the virtual world during the 51 weeks we deceptively appear dormant (boy if only that was true).


Call it the ultimate WIN-WIN-WIN for you, us and the community that last year around!


That is the concept, we would LOVE to hear what you think and how it might be specifically tailored to assist you in your search for local customers using local advertising advantages and local guru know how. Simply click the "Contact" link up top to begin the discussion. Yes it does make for a really ugly year end committee report where we profit goose eggs despite costing the Festival nothing but we hope some of you at least agree the value to you, your customers & the Festival should be priceless.

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