Western Illinois Figure 8 Racing Point Series

Thursday Sept 7th 2017 at 7:00 pm will be the first of TWO Prime Beef Festival Figure 8 race as well as the returning Bi County Point Series racing series. Then Saturday afternoon September 9th will be a SECOND Firuge 8 in the Bi County Point Series, followed by the regular Demolition Derby that evening. This added feature is a point system to recognize the drivers that participate in the eight Figure 8 races held in Roseville, Monmouth and Stronghurst, for the 2017 season.

The Bi-County Series:

  1. Hazzard race in Stronghurst on April 1st.
  2. Sunday, June 25 race at Henry County Fair in Cambridge.
  3. The Knox County Fair in Knoxville – Saturday, July 15
  4. Then the Warren County Fair in Roseville in July: Thursday the 20th and
  5. Friday the 21st.
  6. Followed by the Henderson County races in July during the fair. Friday the 28th and
  7. Saturday the 29th
  8. The Abingdon Community Festival Friday, August 25
  9. Thursday Sept 7th will be the Prime Beef Festival Figure 8 night in Monmouth
    and Again Saturday Sept 9th at 1pm (regluar Demo Derby to follow that evening)
  10. The last event will be at Havoc in Stronghurst on September 23th

Winners will be announced, and receive their check and trophy this evening.


Seven classes are eligible:

  1. Full-size weld cars
  2. Compact weld cars
  3. FWD wire cars
  4. RWD wire cars
  5. Small trucks & minivans
  6. Bone-Stock
  7. and full size trucks


  • Each Class winner is eligible to win up to $350 and a trophy
  • Points are only accumulated in each class. Points do not cross over classes.
  • Driver qualifies, not the car. Multiple cars may be used through the season, but must be entered in same class.
  • Driver with most wins in their class will be used in a tiebreaker scenario.
  • Warren and Henderson County fair boards, and the Prime Beef Festival committee, will keep track of points and placing.
  • Any Driver, who shows unsportsmanlike behavior or reckless driving while leaving the arenas, may be disqualified from the series or those evenings points will not count.
  • All drivers will adhere to all rules in place at all locations for car set-up.
  • Drivers must be at least 16 years old to qualify.
  • Entry in all 8 races is not mandatory; however, 10 additional points will be awarded to any driver that competes in all 8.


Points scored as follows;
1 point for entering the race
5 points for 1st place finish in Feature
4 points for 2nd
3 points for 3rd
2 points for 4th
1 point to all remaining cars in feature.
Minimum $2100 purse and trophies


Classes and payout information:

Based on 12+ entires
1st: $1,000, 2nd: $350, 3rd: $150

1st: $1,000, 2nd: $350, 3rd: $100

1st: $1,000, 2nd: $300, 3rd: $100

1st: $1,000, 2nd: $300, 3rd: $100


Based on 6+ entries
- Small pickups & mini van -
1st: $400, 2nd: $150, 3rd: $75

1st: $400, 2nd: $150, 3rd: $75

1st: $100, 2nd: $50, 3rd: $25




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