The Warren County Prime Beef Festival host a carnival with rides and food found on the Festival grounds appearing the first Wednesday through Saturday first week after Labor Day.


Again there will be TWO Arm Band nights (all rides for one arm band price) with both Thursday and now Wednesday to choose from, or buy an arm band each night.


The carnival rides and amusements are provided by Swyear Amusements along with other area assorted specialty food vendors and full meal offerings by various church tent vendors.


The church tents and some meal vendors are open during hours when shows or actions are taking place.


The carnival rides open at 6 PM on Wednesday & 5 PM Thursday - Friday with Wednesday & Thursday being Arm Band Nights. All rids are for one low price of $22 per person available that night only. Saturday the rides open from 11 AM - 4 PM is Kid's Day where rides are reduced in price by 1 ticket. Regular priced rides resume at 4 PM and closing each night is around 10 PM


Times and special offers are subject to change which happens frequently when the weather is less then favorable. Watch our website here for alerts to those changes as they happen.


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