Welcome to the Warren County Prime Beef Festival. Our carnival is held each year the Wednesday through Saturday following Labor Day. The Princess Pageant event precedes this on the prior Saturday night before our official Wednesday  5 PM kick-off Parade. See you again August 30th & September 4th - 7th 2019.


for year around information and tourism support contact the

Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce


The 2018 Fall Festival FUN CONTINUES...

Friday October 12 2018: Figure 8 #1
Trucks, Bone Stock FWD, Compact RWD Wire, FWD Wire, Weld & Rookie races


then on


Saturday October 13 2018: Figure 8 #2
Weld, Big Car, Wire & Compact races


Demolition Derby
Open Wire, 80s & Newer plus Compact Wire races


Race times and payouts to be announced later...



  • Livestock Auction

    Here are the Beef & Swine show results...


    BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY as we "Celebrate" ... what doesn't change is this list of area businesses & their continued generous support our Ag youth at the Livestock Auctions each season!


  • Animal Scrambles

    Weather contributed to opportunities missed...


    However these businesses DID DONATE to make it possible! (even if rain did not)


  • Parade

    "Don't rain on our parade"


    A prayer only partially answered. View on YouTube what made it.

    Now is time to share your pics tag #WCPBF18 to fill in the blanks!

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  • PBF Volunteers

    PBF Board Meetings:

    3rd Tuesday every month, 7pm Security Savings Bank

    Committee chairmen, your attendance is important to our success!

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